Friday, August 29, 2008



“MONARCHY is first of all a team. A team of people that do what they like most and that is play together and give it all out there on the stage. Some love it, some don`t, some will, some won`t, but at the end of the day, we go to sleep knowing, that there are people out there, listening to our music, and that is the best feeling one man can ever have!”

The true history of the band begins in 2009, when the five group members realized that music is no longer just a hobby but a way of life. Therefore, the band begins playing gigs and released their first EP – Jamming. Recorded in the rehearsal studio, in a personal and unique style, with the means the band had for a spur of the moment idea, Jamming announced a change in the Romanian metal music. Like a breath of fresh air, Monarchy offered, for the start, four elaborate songs, composition wise, with lyrics inspired by the life and experiences of singer Dragos Cretu. At that moment the band’s line-up was: Iulian Rob (lead guitar), Eddy Moraru (rhythm guitar), Marian Leusteanu (bass), Dragos Cretu (vocals), Geani Matei (drums), Cornel Stefan (keys). The band’s fresh style and the singer’s voice, often praised and considered one of the best in the metal scene, alongside the clear and modern tracks rapidly make Monarchy one of the bands that are a must to listen to. Moreover, the show the band offers with each concert recommends them as one of the best bands to see and listen to live. So, Monarchy wins second place at the Maximum Rock contest, where their original style put them in front of more mainstream oriented bands. In June 2011, they release their first video, Earthquake, made of a mix of live footage, which shows them where they are most confortable: on stage, in front of the audience. After this moment, Eddy leaves the band, citing musical differences. The band moves on with just one guitarist and brings in Dana Olteanu, who will be in the tough spot as the only woman in an all-guys band. So, they play at Rock the City Festival 2011, where they share the stage with Judas Priest, Whitesnake and Hatebreed. At the ARTmania Festival in Sibiu the band will be backing vocals free, keeping the all guys formula and playing alongside Tarja, Helloween and Sonata Arctica. Appreciations don’t cease to appear and the constant flow of good reviews will bring them more concerts throughout the country. In August 2011, Monarchy is chosen the lead character for the documentary Another Day, Another Adventure. Filmed by KarlssonWilker USA, Matter Magazine, Kilimanjaro Magazine and BMW/Mini Cooper, the team chooses the band at the recommendation of one the most important guitar players of our times: Slash. The former member of Guns n’ Roses and Velvet Revolver says that the Bucharest band is “still undiscovered, but one of the most promising groups in Europe.” Monarchy continues its musical path and prepares for 2012 a musical revolution: the release of their debut album, Feeding the Beast. Described in a very original manner by the musical press as energy metal, Monarchy announces a change in the manner music has been appreciated so far. The album Feeding the Beast is full of energy, the tracks not just send a special vibe through the music, but also the lyrics have a strong and universally valid message, which any listener can relate to